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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2002


There were nine events in the 2002 Field Programme. These included several localities close to Leeds, visits to the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire coast, as well as the GA's Earth Alert Festival of Geology in Scarborough and two joint meetings as part of the Residential Weekend based in Kirkby Stephen.

Field Programme: Summer 2002

Saturday 15-6-02 (D) Crummackdale - Yorkshire Dales Murray Mitchell
Saturday 29-6-02 (D) Whitby and Saltwick Bay Dr Whyte & Dr Romano
Thursday 4-7-02 (E) Bingley Relief Road Project - Aire Valley Michael Osborne
Saturday 6-7-02 (D) Oakwood and Roundhay Park - Leeds Murray Mitchell
Thursday 18-7-02 (E) Moss Carr Open Cast Site - Methley D Richardson & J Barber
23-26 August 2002 GA Earth Alert 2 Festival - Scarborough  
Sunday 1-9-02 (D) Ilkley Moor Dr Neil Aitkenhead
Residential Weekend at Kirkby Stephen — Friday 20-9-02 to Sunday 22-9-02
Saturday 21-9-02 (D) Upper Eden Valley
Joint meeting with Liverpool Geological Society
Dr Wishart Mitchell
Sunday 22-9-02 (D) Haweswater
Joint meeting with Yorkshire Geological Society
Dr David Millward
   † (E) denotes an evening visit, (D) indicates a day-trip.

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Excursion Descriptions and Photos

Saturday 15th June 2002       —       Crummackdale, Yorkshire Dales

Nappa Scar Leader: Murray Mitchell.

Purpose: To look at the late Ordovician - Silurian Windermere Supergroup succession in the Craven Inliers. To examine the unconformable relationship at the base of the onlapping Carboniferous succession and to consider aspects of the late Devensian glaciation.

Photos: A set of photos from this day may be viewed here.

Saturday 29th June 2002       —       Whitby and Saltwick Bay

Leaders: Dr Martin Whyte and Dr Mike Romano.

Rail Hole Bight Purpose: To examine marine and terrestrial sequences across the Lower to Middle Jurassic boundary; in particular the ammonite faunas, bivalve faunas and trace fossils - especially dinosaur footprints.

Photo: Rail Hole Bight. The lowest vertical section of the cliffs and the flats of the wavecut platform are made of the Whitby Mudstone Formation (Lower Jurassic, Toarcian) with a marine fauna of bivalves, ammonites and belemnites. Above this there is the thin marine sandstone of the Dogger Formation (forming the ledge) and terrestrial deposits of the Saltwick Formation (Middle Jurassic) which form most of the cliff. Towards the base of this latter formation there are thin laterally extensive sandstones alternating with siltstones and mudrocks while towards the top of the cliff lenticular channel sandstones can be seen. Click photo to enlarge.
(Photo: Martin Whyte)

Thursday 4th July 2002       —       Bingley Relief Road Project, Aire Valley

Leader: Michael Osborne (Ove Arup).

Purpose: To walk the route of the new road currently under construction.

Saturday 6th July 2002       —       Oakwood and Roundhay Park, Leeds

Oak Leaves Part Two Leader: Murray Mitchell.

Purpose: To examine the Carboniferous quarries and building stones of Oakwood and Roundhay Park in north-east Leeds.

Extras: Oak Leaves Part Two (Nov 2001 Oakwood & District Historical Society), pictured right, provides a well illustrated account of the area visited.

Thursday 18th July 2002       —       Moss Carr Open Cast Site, Methley

Leaders: David Richardson (HJ Banks & Co) and Jonathan Barber, School of Geography, University of Leeds.

Purpose: To look at exposures and coal extraction at this relatively new site (commenced in 2001) - an interesting comparison with the St. Aidan's Remainder Site. We will also take the opportunity to look at features exposed in the Quaternary by coal working, where current research work (and dating) is showing results which suggest that glacial activity in this area differs substantially from our previous understanding.

Photos: Faulted sands and glaciotectonised bedded gravel at the Moss Carr site.

Click photos to enlarge

Moss Carr Moss Carr

(Photos: Jon Barber)

Extras: Jon Barber's handout from this visit is available via the following links:
23 - 26th August 2002       —       GA Earth Alert 2 Festival, Scarborough

The Festival of Geology was organised by the Geologists' Association, together with the Geological Society of London and the Yorkshire Geological Society, over the August Bank Holiday weekend, 23-26 August 2002. The venue was the Scarborough Spa Complex.

Events included exhibitions from industry, government agencies and academia, mineral, rock and fossil stalls, 'Earth Science' Photographer of the Year awards, geological displays from around the UK, Discovery Room activities for all the family, public lectures and an extensive field walks programme. Leeds Geological Association produced a special set of display boards for the Festival describing the Association and the geology of Leeds as seen through its building stones.

In addition to these events the Festival played host over three days to the Earth Alert Festival Conference.

Further details of the Festival may be viewed here.

Sunday 1st September 2002       —       Ilkley Moor

Leaders: Dr Neil Aitkenhead.

Purpose: To examine and trace the Lanshaw Delves Moraine from Lanshaw Delves to Reva Reservoir, a distance of about 4.5km. To examine a 'laminate facies' of possible tidal origin below the Addingham Edge Grit of late Kinderscoutian age in the Millstone Grit Group.

Photos: Dr Neil Aitkenhead discusses the geology of Ilkley Moor with members (left); glacial striae on a flat-lying exposure of gritstone at the Cow and Calf Rocks (right).

Click photos to enlarge

Dr Neil Aitkenhead with LGA members on Ilkley Moor Glacial Striae at the Cow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley Moor

Photos: Tony Benfield (left), Neil Aitkenhead (right)

20th - 22nd September 2002       —       Kirkby Stephen Residential Weekend


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