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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2004


Field Visit Reports 2004 - click to view pdf (2.25 MB)
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Seven meetings were arranged for the 2004 field calendar. As this was the LGA's 130th anniversary year, the localities were carefully chosen to reflect the Association's past history - as well as the development of geology as a science. In particular, two special celebratory visits were organised. On 12th June, there was a coach visit to classic exposures in the dales; and on 11th July there was a repeat of the very first field visit of 11th July 1874 to Clapham.

The 2004 Field Visit Reports booklet - containing full reports for each excursion - can be viewed using the link on the right. The file size is 2.25 MB and the format is pdf.

Please note: The field reports are personal accounts of LGA field excursions, written by a members of the LGA, recording their impressions of the event. They are intended as a summary of the geology of the area visited. The routes described may not be suitable for use by individuals and/or groups and do not necessarily follow an established path or public right of way.

Field Programme: 2004

15 May 2004
Saturday Daytime
The Glacial Evolution of the Vale of York:
a demonstration of geological mapping techniques
Jon Ford
Holger Kessler
BGS, Keyworth
20 May 2004
Thursday Evening
Orgreave Reclamation Site, Rotherham:
coal extraction, processing and site reclamation
Simon Wood
Site Engineer
UK Coal
12 June 2004
Saturday Daytime
Classic Exposures in Wensleydale and Wharfedale:
a celebratory field visit by coach
Tony Benfield
John Varker
11 July 2004
Sunday Daytime
Clapham and surrounding localities: a celebration of the LGA's first field visit made on 11 July 1874  
23 July 2004 -
25 July 2004
Friday - Sunday
Residential Weekend Based in Edinburgh:
classic geological localities of the region
David Stephenson
Jim Floyd
Mike Brown
Brian Upton
5 August 2004
Thursday Evening
A1(T) Road Project, Darrington - Hook Moor:
new Permian exposures and road construction
Angus McInnes
RMG Construction JV
26 September 2004
Sunday Daytime
The Northern Lake District Dr Eric Johnson

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Excursion Details

Full reports for each excursion may be viewed using the link at the top of this page.

Saturday 15th May 2004       —       Glacial Evolution of the Vale of York

Leaders: Jon Ford & Holger Kessler, BGS, Keyworth.

Purpose: To study the evidence for the glacial evolution of the Vale of York, based on work done in the recent survey of the Selby sheet, and to understand the geological mapping techniques employed.

Geology: Quaternary.

Maps and references: OS Landranger 105 (York and Selby). BGS literature following the survey is currently 'in production'.

Thursday 20th May 2004       —       Orgreave Reclamation Site, Rotherham

Leader: Simon Wood, Site Engineer, UK Coal.

Purpose: To examine the geology of the site, coal extraction from seven seams and subsequent processing; to look at plans for reclamation of the site to industrial and residential use.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Saturday 12th June 2004     —     Wensleydale and Wharfedale

Leader: Tony Benfield & John Varker.

Purpose: An opportunity for past and long time members of the Association to join members on a coach outing to view easily accessed classic exposures in Wensleydale and Wharfedale.

Geology: Carboniferous, Quaternary.

Sunday 11th July 2004       —       Clapham and Surroundings

Leader: Neil Aitkenhead.

Purpose: A celebration of the first field visit of the LGA made on 11th July 1874. A coach trip to Clapham, with visits to the Ingleborough Cave, Gaping Ghyll and possibly the summit of Ingleborough, followed by rest and repast.

Geology: Lower Palaeozoic, Carboniferous, Quaternary.

23rd - 25th July 2004       —       Residential Weekend, Edinburgh

Leader: David Stephenson, Jim Floyd, Mike Brown (all BGS, Edinburgh), Brian Upton (Edinburgh University).

Purpose: The weekend will include visits to classic geological localities, including Lapworth's Ordovician shales at Dobb's Linn in the Southern Uplands, Arthur's seat in Edinburgh and shore exposures in Berwickshire including Hutton's unconformity at Siccar Point.

Geology: Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian ...

Thursday 5th August 2004       —       A1(T) Road Project, Darrington - Hook Moor

Leader: Angus McInnes, RMG Construction JV.

Purpose: To see exposures and construction progress on this major project to re-route the A1 trunk road over Permian strata between Darrington and Hook Moor.

Geology: Permian.

Note: This field visit was originally planned for Thursday 1st July.

Sunday 26th September 2004       —       Northern Lake District

Leader: Dr Eric Johnson.

Purpose: To examine the Ordovician geology of the Skiddaw and Borrowdale Volcanic Groups and the effects of the Quaternary glaciation.

Geology: Ordovician, Quaternary

Maps and references: OS 1:25000 ODL Sheet 4 (English Lakes NW), 1:50000 Sheet 90 (Penrith and Keswick), BGS 1:50000 Sheet 29 (Keswick).

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