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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2005


Field Visit Reports 2005 - click to view pdf (2.42 MB)
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The LGA's 2005 field season opened with a traverse of Ilkley Moor. This was aimed specially at non-geologist members of the public as part of Yorkshire Geology Month. In June there were visits to examine mineralisation in Teesdale, quarrying at Rastrick and the rocks of Edenside. July offered an opportunity to examine the building stone of Leeds City Square and the surface expression of the Holme Fault near Holmfirth. In September members journeyed north to the Northumbrian coast for the annual residential weekend before finishing off the field season in October with a tour of the headquaters of the British Geological Survey at Keyworth, near Nottingham.

The 2005 Field Visit Reports booklet - containing full reports for each excursion - can be viewed using the link on the right. The file size is 2.42 MB and the format is pdf.

Please note: The field reports are personal accounts of LGA field excursions, written by a members of the LGA, recording their impressions of the event. They are intended as a summary of the geology of the area visited. The routes described may not be suitable for use by individuals and/or groups and do not necessarily follow an established path or public right of way.

Field Programme: 2005

8 May 2005
Sunday Daytime
Geological Features of Ilkley Moor
Neil Aitkenhead
5 June 2005
Sunday Daytime
Mineralisation in Upper Teesdale Brian Young
9 June 2005
Thursday Evening
Rand and Asquith Quarry, Rastrick Steven Rand
25 June 2005
Saturday Daytime
The Early Permian Environment in Edenside Colin Rowley
7 July 2005
Thursday Evening
The Building Stones of Leeds City Square Murray Mitchell
31 July 2005
Sunday Daytime
Surface Expression of the Holme Fault, Holmfirth Ian Chisholm
9 September 2005 -
11 September 2005
Friday - Sunday
Residential Weekend - Northumbrian Coast Brian Turner
13 October 2005
Thursday Daytime
Tour of BGS Headquaters, Keyworth David Bailey

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Excursion Details

Full reports for each excursion may be viewed using the link at the top of this page.

Sunday 8th May 2005       —       Geological Features of Ilkley Moor

Leaders: Neil Aitkenhead, LGA President & BGS (retired).

Purpose: To explain local geological features to non-geologist members of the public, including the Lanshaw Delves Moraine and deposits of possible tidal origin below the Addingham Edge Grit of late Kinderscoutian age in the Millstone Grit Group.

Geology: Carboniferous, Quaternary.

Note: Special event for Yorkshire Geology Month.
Sunday 5th June 2005       —       Mineralisation in Upper Teesdale

Leader: Brian Young.

Purpose: To examine the igneous rocks and mineralisation in Upper Teesdale.

Geology: Carboniferous - Permian.

Thursday 9th June 2005     —     Rand and Asquith Quarry, Rastrick

Leader: Steven Rand.

Purpose: A visit to Rand and Asquith Quarry, Rastrick.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Saturday 25th June 2005       —       Early Permian Environment in Edenside

Leader: Colin Rowley.

Purpose: To understand the early Permian environment in Edenside.

Geology: Carboniferous - Permian.

Thursday 7th July 2005       —       The Building Stones of Leeds City Square

Leader: Murray Mitchell.

Purpose: To examine the building stones of Leeds City Square.

Sunday 31st July 2005       —       The Holme Fault, Holmfirth

Leader: Ian Chisholm.

Purpose: To examine the previously unrecognised surface expression of the Holme Fault at locations around Holmfirth.

Geology: Carboniferous.

9th - 11th September 2005    —    Residential Weekend: Northumbrian Coast

Leader: Brian Turner.

Purpose: To study the geology along the Northumbrian Coast.

Geology: Silurian - Carboniferous.

Thursday 13th October 2005       —       BGS Headquaters, Keyworth

Leader: David Bailey.

Purpose: A visit to the British Geological Survey headquaters at Keyworth.

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