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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2007


Field Visit Reports 2007 - click to view pdf (1.23 MB)
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The 2007 field calendar included eight meetings, beginning with a study of the Quaternary features of Wharfedale. This was followed by excursions to Tadcaster (Jackdaw Crag Quarry), Trollers Gill, Pendle Hill, Almsciff Crag, East Durham (Raisby Quarry) and Boulby Potash Mine. The closing meeting was the traditional residential weekend, this year based in Anglesey.

The 2007 Field Visit Reports booklet - containing full reports for each excursion - can be viewed using the link on the right. The file size is 1.23 MB and the format is pdf.

Please note: The field reports are personal accounts of LGA field excursions, written by a members of the LGA, recording their impressions of the event. They are intended as a summary of the geology of the area visited. The routes described may not be suitable for use by individuals and/or groups and do not necessarily follow an established path or public right of way.

Field Programme: 2007

13 May 2007
Sunday Daytime
Quaternary Features in the
Barden Bridge — Drebley Area of Wharfedale
Dr Neil Aitkenhead
9 June 2007
Saturday Morning
The Geology of Jackdaw Crag Quarry, Tadcaster Tony Benfield
23 June 2007
Saturday Daytime
The Lower Carboniferous Limestone of Coldstones
Quarry and Trollers Gill: a New Interpretation
Dr Iain Burgess
Murray Mitchell
7 July 2007
Saturday Daytime
The Early Carboniferous Geology
of the Pendle Hill Area
Paul Kabrna
12 July 2007
Thursday Evening
The Geology of Almscliff Crag Prof Paul Wignall
29 July 2007
Sunday Daytime
The Permian and Quaternary Geology of East Durham Dr Eric Johnson
5 September 2007
Wednesday Evening
Visit to Boulby Potash Mine  
21 September 2007 -
23 September 2007
Friday - Sunday
Residential Weekend - Anglesey  

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Excursion Details
Sunday 13th May 2007      —       Barden Bridge – Drebley, Wharfedale

Leader: Dr Neil Aitkenhead, BGS (retired) & LGA.

Purpose: To examine various mounds and flat-topped topographical features in this area of Wharfedale in order to determine how they were formed.

Geology: Quaternary.

Maps and references: OS 1:25000 scale Outdoor Leisure 2 Yorkshire Dales - Southern & Western Areas

Saturday 9th June 2007       —       Jackdaw Crag Quarry, Tadcaster

Leader: Tony Benfield, BGS (retired) & LGA.

Purpose: To examine the lithologies, sedimentary structures and tectonic features of the Upper Permian Cadeby Formation (formerly the Lower Magnesian Limestone) and possibly the overlying Ellington Formation.

Geology: Permian.

Maps and references: BGS 1:50000 Sheet 70 (Leeds).

Saturday 23rd June 2007     —     Coldstones Quarry & Trollers Gill

Leader: Dr Iain Burgess and Murray Mitchell, BGS (retired) & LGA.

Purpose: To demonstrate a new interpretation of the Lower Carboniferous Limestone stratigraphy in the area around Trollers Gill.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:
OS Explorer 298 Nidderdale.
Yorkshire Rocks and Landscape Field Guide (Trollers Gill pp 72 - 75).
Black, W.W. and Bond, G. 1951. The Yorkshire succession in the northern flank of the Skyreholme Anticline, Yorkshire. Proceedings Yorks. Geol. Soc. Vol. 28 pp 180 - 187.

Saturday 7th July 2007       —       Pendle Hill

Leader: Paul Kabrna, Craven and Pendle Geological Society.

Purpose: To examine the Pendle Grit sequence and the Clitheroe Limestone Formation, and look at local glaciation evidence.

Geology: Carboniferous, Quaternary.

Maps and references:
1:25000 Sheet SD 64 / 74 Clitheroe and Chipping.
Geol.Survey of GB, Memoir, England and Wales, Sheet 68.
Earp, J.R., Magraw, G., Poole, F.G., Lord, D.H., Whiteman, A.J., 1961 Geology of the country around Clitheroe and Nelson.

Thursday 12th July 2007       —       Almscliff Crag

Leader: Prof Paul Wignall, University of Leeds & President LGA.

Purpose: To examine the Almscliff Grit at the Crag and to see the evidence for the Chisholm-Sims hypothesis that this is an unusual growth-fault controlled fluvio-deltaic sandbody.

Geology: Carboniferous

Sunday 29th July 2007     —     East Durham

Leader: Dr Eric Johnson.

Purpose: To examine the type section of the Raisby Formation at Raisby Quarry. To follow the transition from back reef lagoonal facies into reef formations in Castle Eden Dene.

Geology: Permian, Quaternary.

Maps and references:
OS 1:50,000 Sheets 93 (Tees-side) and 88 (Tyneside).
OS 1:25,000 Sheet 308.
Geological Survey Sheet 27 (Durham).
Geological Survey Memoir - Sheet 27. Geology of the country round Durham and West Hartlepool.
Robson's Geology of North East England, 1995 - Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumbria Vol. 56 part 5 provides a concise summary with maps and diagrams.

Wednesday 5th Sept 2007       —       Boulby Potash Mine

Fri 21st - Sun 23rd Sept 2007    —    Residential Weekend: Anglesey

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