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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2008


Field Visit Reports 2008 - click to view pdf (1.12 MB)
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The 2008 Field Visit Reports booklet - containing full reports for each excursion of the 2008 field calendar - can be viewed using the link on the right. The file size is 1.12 MB and the format is pdf.

Please note: The field reports are personal accounts of LGA field excursions, written by a members of the LGA, recording their impressions of the event. They are intended as a summary of the geology of the area visited. The routes described may not be suitable for use by individuals and/or groups and do not necessarily follow an established path or public right of way.

Field Programme: 2008

5 June 2008
Thursday Evening
UK Coal's New Open Cast Site
at Sharlston, near Wakefield
Graham Hindmarsh
Site Manager
UK Coal
11 June 2008
Wednesday Daytime
Visit to Birkshead Mine & Newbiggin Quarry
in the Eden Valley, Cumbria
Dr Noel Worley
British Gypsum
28 June 2008
Saturday Daytime
The Cretaceous Geology of the
East Yorkshire Coast
Dr James Lawrence
Earth & Environment
University of Leeds
13 July 2008
Sunday Daytime
Excursion to Cow Green and Cauldron Snout,
Upper Teesdale
Dr Doug Holliday
30 August 2008
Saturday Daytime
Depositional environments in the Huddersfield
White Rock of the Golcar area, Huddersfield
Tony Benfield
BGS (retired), LGA
12 September 2008 -
14 September 2008
Friday - Sunday
Residential Weekend - Glamorgan Coast  
4 October 2008
Saturday Daytime
The Geology of the Howardian Hills Jon Ford, BGS
Simon Price, BGS

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Excursion Details
Thursday 5th June 2008    —     Open Cast Coal Site, Wakefield

Leader: Graham Hindmarsh, Site Manager, UK Coal.

Purpose: An opportunity to examine a new open cast pit which at the time of the visit should have a 25m face.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Wednesday 11th June 2008     —     Birkshead Mine & Newbiggin Quarry

Leader: Dr Noel Worley, British Gypsum.

Purpose: An opportunity to visit the last operating gypsum mine in Cumbria and also workings at Newbiggin Quarry, which will be landscaped later in the summer.

Geology: Permian.

Maps and references:

Arthurton, R.S. and Wadge, A.J. 1981. Geology of the Country Around Penrith.

Burgess, I.C. and Holliday D.W. 1979. Geology of the Country Around Brough-under-Stainmore.

Saturday 28th June 2008     —     East Yorkshire Coast

Leader: Dr James Lawrence, School of Earth & Environment, University of Leeds.

Purpose: An investigation of the Northern Province chalk geology, including the applied aspects of the rock (engineering, hydro, petroleum geology).

Geology: Cretaceous.

Maps and references:

1: 50,000 BGS Geological Sheets 55 and 65.

1: 25,000 OS Sheet 301.

Geologists' Association Guide No.34: The Yorkshire Coast.

Sunday 13th July 2008     —     Cow Green and Cauldron Snout

Leader: Dr Doug Holliday, BGS.

Purpose: To follow the Cow Green Geological Trail above Cow Green Reservoir and examine features in the limestone sequence, the Whin Sill and evidence of metamorphism in adjacent rocks, and a section in the basal Carboniferous strata below the limestone.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:

Burgess, I.C. & Holliday, D.W. 1979. Geology of the country around Brough-under-Stainmore.

Memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, Sheet 31. 131pp.

1: 50,000 BGS Geological Sheet 25 (Alston).

1: 50,000 BGS Geological Sheet, 31 (Brough-under-Staimore).

1: 25,000 BGS Special Geological Sheet, Middleton-in-Teesdale.

Dunham, K.C. 1990. Geology of the North Pennine Orefield. Volume 1. Memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain (2nd Edition).

Saturday 30th August 2008     —     Huddersfield White Rock

Leader: Tony Benfield, BGS (retired), former LGA President.

Purpose: To demonstrate some of the constituent lithofacies of the sandstone member of a late Namurian (Marsdenian Sub-stage) cyclothem and to link them to their deltaic and fluvial depositional environments.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:

1: 50,000 BGS Geological Sheet 77 (Huddersfield).

Benfield, A.C. 1969. The Huddersfield White Rock cyclothem in the Central Pennines: Report of the field meeting. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 37, 181-187.

Waters, C.N., Chisholm, J.I., Benfield, A.C., and O'Beirne, A.N. 2008. The Regional Evolution of a Fluviodeltaic Cyclic Succession in the Marsdenian (late Namurian Stage, Pennsylvanian) of the Central Pennine Basin, UK. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 57, 1-29.

Fri 12th - Sun 14th Sept 2008    —    Residential Weekend: Glamorgan

Saturday 4th October 2008     —     Howardian Hills

Leader: Jon Ford & Simon Price, BGS.

Purpose: An overview of the Jurassic succession of the Howardian Hills - the southern limit of the Cleveland Basin. We will visit several localities that demonstrate the local succession and show how regional tectonic events during the evolution of the Basin have affected sedimentation. We hope to visit one active quarry to demonstrate economic opportunities resulting from the atypical succession, and will show how recent work by the BGS is improving our understanding of local geohazards.

Geology: Jurassic, Cretaceous, Quaternary.

Maps and references: .

1: 50,000 BGS Geological Sheet 63 (York).

Rayner & Hemingway (Eds). The Geology and Mineral Resources of Yorkshire. YGS 1974.

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