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A Report of LGA Field Events held during Summer 2016


Field Visit Reports 2016 - click to view pdf (1.62 MB)
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The 2016 Field Visit Reports booklet - containing full reports for each excursion of the 2016 field calendar - can be viewed using the link on the right. The file size is 1.62 MB and the format is pdf.

Please note: The field reports are personal accounts of LGA field excursions, written by a members of the LGA, recording their impressions of the event. They are intended as a summary of the geology of the area visited. The routes described may not be suitable for use by individuals and/or groups and do not necessarily follow an established path or public right of way.

Field Programme: 2016

2 April 2016
Saturday Daytime
Mineralisation at Alderley Edge and Wood Mine Anton Petho
Leicester University
29 May 2016
Sunday Afternoon
A Geological Walk Around Caulms Quarry
A Yorkshire Geology Month Event
Dr Gareth Martin
18 June 2016
Saturday Daytime
Brimham Rocks Roman Soltan
Leeds University
9 July 2016
Saturday Daytime
Marsden Bay to Trow Point, Co. Durham Dr Michael Mawson
Durham University
6 August 2016
Saturday Daytime
Woolley Edge, Horbury, Coxley Woods
and Storrs Hills Quarries
Dr Gareth Martin
7 - 9 Oct 2016
Friday - Sunday
Residential Weekend: Northumberland Alison Tymon

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Excursion Details
Saturday 2nd April 2016 — Alderley Edge and Wood Mine

Leader: Anton Petho, Leicester University.


The visit will look at the surface host rocks to understand the controls on mineralisation and the mining history in the morning. In the afternoon we will go underground to look at Wood Mine, a Victorian mine where significant concentrations of copper with lesser amounts of lead and cobalt were won. The Derbyshire Caving Club ask for a donation of £7 each towards the cost of the tour and they provide hard hats and lights for underground. There will be a chance to visit the Derbyshire Caving Club Museum complete with a mine shaft on site and learn more about the mines.

Geology: Triassic.

Maps and references:

OS Landranger: Sheet 118. Stoke on Trent Macclesfield.

OS Explorer: 268 Wilmslow Macclesfield and Congleton.

Sunday 29th May 2016 — Caulms Wood Quarry

This event was part of the programme for Yorkshire Geology Month and was a joint meeting of the Leeds Geological Association and the West Yorkshire Geology Trust.

Leader: Dr Gareth Martin, West Yorkshire Geology Trust & LGA.


A short guided walk around this large quarry which exposes the Thornhill Rock, a common rock around the Dewsbury area, and a small coal seam. These, along with a host of other features and fossils at the site, allow us to see what the environment in West Yorkshire was like at the time the rock was formed in the Carboniferous Period around 300 million years ago. The visit is free and open to all ages and abilities and no geological knowledge is required. If you're interested please come along.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:

OS Landranger: Sheet 104 Leeds & Bradford.

OS Explorer: 288 Bradford & Huddersfield.

Saturday 18th June 2016 — Brimham Rocks

This was a follow up trip to Dr Nigel Mountney's March lecture 'The Preserved Sedimentary Record of Giant Rivers'.

Leader: Roman Soltan, University of Leeds.


Few researchers have sought to characterise three dimensional channel and bar formation architecture to a level of detail that enables a process based reconstruction of how individual channels and associated bar-forms in a fluvial dominated delta-plain system evolved. The aim of the trip is to use the three-dimensional tors and pinnacles associated with the Bashkirian Lower Brimham Grit succession exposed at Brimham Rocks to examine, discuss and develop a depositional model for the geological evolution of the sedimentary succession.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:

OS Landranger: Sheet 99 Northallerton & Rippon.

OS Explorer: Sheet 298 Nidderdale.

Saturday 9th July 2016   —   Marsden Bay to Trow Point

Leader: Dr Michael Mawson, Durham University.


Our field trip will examine Upper Permian carbonates (limestones and dolomites) of the Zechstein group which are very well exposed in the coastal cliffs of this walk. The Zechstein is traditionally divided into 4 or 5 carbonate and evaporite cycles thought to represent episodes of transgression followed by regression, we shall be looking at the Z1 and Z2 cycles, their deposition and the many interesting features found in them.

Geology: Permian.

Maps and references:

OS Landranger Sheet 88 Tyneside and Durham area.

OS Explorer: Sheet 316 Newcastle upon Tyne.

Saturday 6th August 2016   —   Woolley Edge Quarries

Leader: Dr Gareth Martin, West Yorkshire Geology Trust & LGA.


The Coal Measures of the Carboniferous which underlie much of West Yorkshire are characterised by thick alternating sequences of sandstones and mudstones deposited in the Pennine Basin. They represent evidence of the great river systems which drained eroding mountain ranges and fed huge delta systems upon which the coal-forming swamps grew. It was originally thought that only a single river brought water and sediment from the north, however it is now understood that multiple sources existed. This field trip will visit exposures of the fluvial sandstones of the Westphalian Middle Coal Measures, including the Woolley Edge Rock, Thornhill Rock, Horbury Rock and an unnamed sandstone and will hopefully provide an appreciation of these different sandstones and the huge river systems they represent.

Geology: Carboniferous.

Maps and references:

OS Landranger: Sheet 110 Sheffield & Huddersfield.

OS Explorer: Sheet 288 Bradford & Huddersfield.

BGS 1:50 000 Sheet 78 Wakefield.

Woolley Edge Quarry LGS designation:

Horbury Quarry LGS designation:

Hallsworth.C.R. and Chisholm. J. I. (2000). Stratigraphic evolution of the provenance characteristics in Westphalian sandstones of the Yorkshire Coalfield. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society Vol 53, Part1, pp 43-72.

Fri 7th - Sun 9th Oct 2016     —     Residential Weekend: Northumberland

Leader: Alison Tymon.

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