Leeds Geological Association


Becoming a member of the Association


Membership of the Association is open to all.


There are four ways to join:

1. Come to a Lecture.

2. Come on a Field Visit.

3. Send an e-mail, including your postal address, for further information to:

William Fraser - Honorary Secretary

4. Download and complete an application form here (Microsoft Word document).


Ordinary Member

Open to any adult person (18 years or over).

Associate Member

Open only to other named adult persons residing at the same address as the Ordinary Member.

Student Member

Open only to persons who are in full-time education.

Temporary Member

Open to persons who are not otherwise members of the Association who attend a Field Meeting, membership being for the duration of that meeting.

Honorary Member

Any person who has rendered signal service to the Association or who is distinguished for the pursuit of the objects of the Association may, on the recommendation of the Council, be elected to Honorary Membership by the members in General Meeting.

All categories of member shall enjoy equal rights and privileges of membership except that Associate Members and Temporary Members shall not be entitled to receive copies of the Association's Newsletters and other publications.

All Members other than Temporary Members shall have notice of all meetings but Associate Members shall be deemed to have received notification of meetings sent to the Ordinary Member.


Subscriptions, which are due on 1st of January each year, are currently:

Ordinary Member


Associate Member


Student Member


The fee for becoming a Temporary Member for the duration of a single Field Meeting is £2.00.




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