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Venues - University of Leeds

Directions to venues used by the LGA


This page contains details of the venues used by the LGA for meetings at the University of Leeds.

For the location of a particular meeting see the lecture calendar or the lecture abstract.


This is located to the rear of the Sports Centre beyond the University of Leeds overflow car park near the Clarendon Way entrance and accessible by foot from the Willow Terrace Road entrance to the University. The modern building is visible across the car park from the barriers. By car from the main entrance follow the road past the visitors' car park and the University car parks to arrive beyond the overflow car park past the Willow Terrace Road exit turning right then left around the Sports Centre.

A map of the University of Leeds campus may be downloaded here. The Conference Auditorium is building number 100.

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The Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre is located in the Michael Sadler Building.

The Michael Sadler Building is the building immediately above the text "Beech Grove Terrace" in the lower left quadrant of the map below.

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Directions to the School of Earth and Environment (SEE) are as follows.

From the Parkinson building follow the green finger post signs to Union/Refectory. Near the Great Hall pick up a sign for [email protected] (Faculty of Performance and Cultural Industries). Follow and turn left at the near-end of the Union building and cross a small footbridge over a service road. [email protected] is on your right: take the path to the new SEE building opposite it over an open space, to take you to the School's main entrance at the far end of the building.

For further information and to download a map, http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/contact/find-us/